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From big to small Ace Painting has the experience and equipment to our properly and safetly paint all your stucco, the third story peak, to the wishing well in your back yard.    

exterior brick painting
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Don't Wait...paint!


  • A few days before the job is scheduled we will clean surfaces to be painted to remove any dirt and cobwebs.

  • Loose paint is scraped off, surfaces are sanded, caulking and wood filler is used to seal gaps and cracks from moisure.

  • Bare wood is primed with an oil primer which penetrates and seals, providing an excellent base for the top coat. 

  • Windows, doors and other surfaces not being painted are completely maksed off to prevent over spray and drips. 

  • Dropsheets are used to collect paint chips and drips to keep your yard as clean as possible


Premium quality paints are applied in two full coats to ensure full coverage and maximum durability. Our attention to detail can be viewed by the sharp cut lines, smooth even finishes, and completing the "little things" that are often missed.


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Clean Up

After every day ladder, tools, and dropsheets are cleaned up and neatly placed off to the side. Upon completion a thorough clean up is prefromed, garbage is taken with us, and remaing paint is labeled and left for future reference and touch ups. 

Final Inspection

We will inspect our work and take care of any touch ups before you are invited to inspect our work to ensure complet satisfaction. 


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