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At Ace Painting Calgary, we treat your house as if it was our own. We ensure items and surfaces not being painted are protected from drips and dust right away. Surfaces being painted are properly prepared and premium quality paints are applied to give a beautiful, lasting finish. A thorough clean up and final inspection are completed to ensure total satifaction.

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paint prep
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Proper preparation is the key to any painting project, it will ensure a great looking finish and eliminate the chance of paint getting where it shouldn't!



Items are moved to the center of the room and covered with new plastic sheeting. All floors are protected with drop cloths.  


Surface Preparation

All surfaces are sanded, holes and cracks will be filled, some surfaces will be primed/sealed ie; drywall repairs, bare wood, water stains.



Premium paints are used with high quality applicators ensuring a smooth, uniform finish. You can expect straight clean cut lines with out drips and roller marks. Complete coverage is ensured with two full coats of paint.


exterior painting

Daily Clean Up

After every day tool, paint and drop sheets are put away neatly to provide access to your home and ensure children and pets do not get into the paint. Dust is vacuumed and swept to keep your home as clean as possible.  

Job Completion

We will inspect our work, complete any touch ups, and complete a detailed clean up leaving the home cleaner than when we arrived. We will then walk through the entire job and complet a final inspection. Any remaining paint will be properly labeled and left for future reference or touch ups. 

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